Private Tuition

Private tuition is offered for those who are unable to attend one of the club’s beginners courses. If at all possible please join a club coaching course. It is more social, much cheaper and you will meet more coaches and other club archers during the course

Private tuition is charged at £45/hour. Ages from 10 upwards. All equipment is provided. Please DO NOT purchase any equipment before starting your lessons. Each additional person attending the same session is charged at £30 – up to a maximum of 4 people per session. To apply for club membership usually requires a minimum of 6 hours of training.

In theory private tuition can be given at any time – in practice we are often limited by coach availability. Most, though not all, of our coaches work during the week, so evening and weekend lessons are often easier to arrange than midweek lessons. If in doubt contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you.

All prices are for guidance only and are subject to change at any time.