Joining Fees

AAC outdoor shooting ground
AAC outdoor shooting ground

Membership Fees for New Members

These fees no longer apply since the Coronavirus problems. If you wish to join the club, are a qualified archer and have a current Archery GB card you may be accepted – subject to a safety assessment by one of the club coaches. Contact us for more information.

Club Fees for New Members 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020

Our club year starts on 1 April each year and runs until 31 March the following year. Pick the column that contains the date you intend to join the club. The fee in that column for your membership category is the fee you pay until the end of our club year.

NB: Experienced archers joining us from another club may incur extra charges from Archery GB in addition to the AAC membership fees. Please speak to our Membership Secretary for further details.

Member Classification 1 April to – 30 September 1 October – 31 December 1 January to – 31 March
Adult 24+ Full 155 105 50
Young Adult 18 – 24 Full 124 85 40
Full time student 18 – 24 104 70 30
Full time student 24+ 135 90 45
Junior Full 70 45 25
Family Members (2 or more per family)
Adult 24+ (each) 150 100 45
Young Adult 18 – 24 (each) 119 95 40
Junior (each) 65 40 20
Associate Memberships
Adult 18+ 113 75 35
Full time student 18+ 93 60 30
Junior 59 40 20
Junior (‘Schools Sportslink’) 35 n/a n/a
Disabled member of a disabled club 35 20 10
Social Member (non shooting) 30 20 10


  1. In the table above all fees are in whole GBP Pounds (£) and are rounded +/-50p for simplicity
  2. The reduced fees for family members only applies when all memberships are paid at the same time.
  3. All cheques to be made payable to ‘Aquarius Archery Club’
  4. All applications to be sent by post to the address on the membership form or handed directly to the Membership Secretary. Please DON’T give them to anyone else – they get lost!
  5. All club fees are subject to agreement at the AGM in March. However, they may be changed by the club committee in exceptional circumstances. As such, this page is for information only – please check latest fees with the Membership Secretary or any of the club coaches